Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Week's Youtube: In the Dark - Dev

The Cataracs' unappreciated star, Dev, has just released the music video for her new song. "In the Dark" is a sexy, catchy tune that's sure to perk your ears up. However, does the video do the same with your eyes?

The video for "In the Dark" is pretty simple. It's Dev surrounded by many guys who have their hands up on her, around her and reaching for her. These hands become pretty cheesy further through the song; during the second verse, she stands in front of a green-screen picture of the hands, who then come to life after she "pushes to start". Just before the 2:00 mark, the scene is photoshopped, as you can tell by the hands moving into the background at different rates.

However, there are also some odd sparks in the video. My main criticism of the video would be the constant use of a snake and spider, that have no further translation in the song. I would assume they're there to show Dev's "animal-istic" side when she's "dancing in the dark", but they honestly make absolutely no sense with the rest of the video.

The song, unlike the video, is a good piece. I would recommend to fans of Far East Movement (or club enthusiasts, for that matter) to buy it.

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