Saturday, July 23, 2011

Freaky Friday: Lady Gaga's Next Single Is... Yoü and I?

See that little speck in the picture above? That's Lady Gaga, shooting her next video in Nebraska. (You can click the picture to enlarge it, if you don't believe me!) This, along with other clues, hints that Gaga's next top 10 song (if not #1) will be "Yoü and I". Read on for all of the major signs!

  • The video is filmed in Nebraska. This is, by far, the largest and most important cue. The song focuses on Lady Gaga's "cool Nebraska guy", and she goes on to cheer "Nebraska, I love you!".
  • The song is already popular among the "Little Monsters". Lady Gaga has performed this song on tour for multiple years, and it's been a concert favorite along with her other stunning slow song, "Speechless".
  • The video features the character "Yuyi". Apparently, the video stars Yuyi, a mermaid who is trying to find a human lover to "save" her. Notice how "Yuyi" looks very much like "Yoü and I"?
  • The song takes Mother Monster into another musical direction. It's been obvious that Gaga is trying to spread out to all of her fans with her latest album, "Born This Way". The same-titled song has become an anthem for gay pride, while the album features multiple strongly Christian-based songs. "Yoü and I" takes Gaga on a country path, making her feel more like your next-door neighbor than an international pop star.
Did I miss anything? I'm really looking forward to the responses you guys have for me on this story!


  1. Snap that picture yourself? Other sources have confirmed this is true. I'm a little disappointed, as that is among my least favorite songs on the album.

  2. Cool song, I think. Always great when an artist does something a little different regarding singles.

  3. @ww_adh: I wish! ;) I wouldn't say it's one of my least favorite songs on the album (at this point, I'm just glad it's not "Bloody Mary" that's going to be the next single), but it's definitely not one of the best.

    @J.Mensah: I would generally agree with going outside of the box to be a good thing. However, this is Lady Gaga we're talking about her. To me, this song feels more like Taylor Swift than Gaga - maybe a little too much on the soft pop/country side. I know Gaga can express herself in a slow song (excuse the Madonna pun), but this just doesn't do it perfectly.

  4. You & I = poor single choice, country and muscially dull
    Bloody Mary = craving for a remixed intro and you would have a faultless single!!