Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Week's Youtube: "Fight to Win" - Your Favorite Martian (feat. DeStorm)

Did you think I was finished talking about DeStorm? Well, I'm not! He has just been featured on music giant Your Favorite Martian's most recent mid-level video, appropriately named "Fight to Win". Candy rapping may be epic, but it's safe to say that "Fight to Win" is in a completely different category.

For those of you who don't know about Your Favorite Martian, let me fill you in. Your Favorite Martian is the music adaption of YouTube star Ray William Johnson, who is best known for his 5-minute viral video episodes. With the second-most subscribers on YouTube, Ray was easily able to make it with his own music channel, and he has nearly a dozen videos he's premiered in the last few months!

It's also safe to say that DeStorm has been on a video game tangent lately. Like the video above, he just starred in a fan-made music video here, about some different video game stars!

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