Sunday, July 24, 2011

Song of the Day: Sunset in July - 311

All of the major rock releases have since dropped from stardom this week in American sales, so this will bring an abrupt end to rock week. However, it's not all bad; this "Woodstock rock" song by 90's college band 311 is very entertaining, and a great listen for anyone who enjoys rock, alternative or pop music.

Remember what I said above about this being "Woodstock rock"? There's the proof above. The music video for "Sunset in July" would be appreciated by any hippie who's smoking pot, as the graphics are very over-hyped. The tone in the vocals and electric guitar also reflect this feeling. However, the song can also be enjoyed by regular listeners. This song reminds me of a lower, bottomed-out version of "Tonight Tonight" in its simple, fun sense that it evokes. Although this song won't become popular any time soon, I would definitely recommend to fans of catchy music to buy "Sunset in July".

Rating: 4/5

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