Monday, July 18, 2011

Platinum Hit: Mid-Season Recap

Earlier this year, I made a Platinum Hit prediction guide. Today I'll recap you on how well I've done so far, as well as what's happened so far this season, as I break down how contestants 6-12 fared and reevaluate my guide for the final episodes!

Predicted: N/A

Nevin performed poorly throughout the 1st episode, being among the worst in every single part of the judging (worst hook, worst song and worst lyrics). On top of that, he was accused of copying Elton John in his songwriting - sending him out very quickly.

Predicted: N/A

Blessing may be blind, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he'd be a bad songwriter (ever heard of Stevie Wonder?). However, this made it more difficult for him to communicate with his teammates, leaving him focused on the track and making it misplaced from the vocals. In any good song, you need the two to mesh together, and it didn't happen with Blessing.

Predicted: 7th

Of all of the competitors, Karen provided the most country fling and sassiness. This spelled doom for her, though, when a road trip challenge and a country-type song were deemed unworthy by the judges due to Karen's poor lyric-writing. Ouch!

Predicted: 8th

Amber didn't really do anything productive the whole time she was on Platinum Hit. Nothing at all. It didn't take too long for the judges to realize this, and she was quickly eliminated.

Predicted: 10th

Like Amber, Melissa never did much of anything. However, unlike Amber, she was difficult to cooperate with in the writing room and talked back to the judges. She would have been eliminated earlier, but she was lucky enough to always be paired with the best songwriters in the competition.

Predicted: 3rd

Jackie started out strong - being a winning songwriter in 3 of the first 4 hook challenges. However, it became apparent that she couldn't translate this into a song after an eventual 3rd winning hook ended up in last place for Jackie on this song (the previous 2 sending Karen and Melissa home). The hope that I had for Jackie in the competition went away, and she was kicked off the show.

Predicted: 9th

I know my prediction was only 3 places off, but I was incredibly wrong about this guy. After hearing him create the best 2 songs in the competition so far, I thought he was destined to win. However, he and Nick butted heads in the most recent round (in which teams worked in pairs), and Nick left Johnny hung out to dry without any help, although he claims he tried.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And now, it's time to see how well I've done with the remaining contestants! My 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th-place contestants are all still in the competition, and I'm only going to make one major switch - moving my former winner Nick back to 5th place.

5. Nick Nittoli (formerly 1st)
4. Jes Hudak (formerly 6th)
3. Brian Judah (formerly 5th)
2. Sonyae Elise (formerly 2nd)
1. Scotty Granger (formerly 4th)

Which will hold up better, my former predictions or my revamped predictions? Watch Platinum Hit on Friday nights to find out!


  1. Love this show!
    as i just mentioned on my uncanny!!
    but can't read your blurb because i think i'm 2 episodes behind here in oz!!
    but me loves it!!

  2. It's a great show! I can't believe less than 400,00 people watch it, which is why Bravo was forced to move it to Friday nights.

  3. *400,000. Sorry, I'm rushing - I'm working on my chart update for tonight. Can't wait to see yours!