Sunday, July 10, 2011

Song of the Day: How We Roll - Loick Essien (Feat. Tanya Lacey)

Being the new kid on the block, this is the first time that I have reviewed a non-American release as my "Song of the Day". However, it looks like Loick Essien is going to have a big hit in the United Kingdom with "How We Roll", and it shouldn't go unnoticed by America - although it probably will. However, is this song good enough to ever make it in America? Continue reading to see!

First off, for those of you who don't know who Loick Essien is, he's the British equivalent of Ne-Yo or Chris Brown. He's a male pop artist with urban and hip-hop undertones. However, he's only 21, and his songs have yet to chart higher than 36th in his native country. However, that's going to change after "How We Roll", and this song is going to be the launchpad for the rest of his career.

"How We Roll" is a nice change from the dance songs that have recently been topping the charts in Britain. The "urban-ness" of the song can be heard throughout, and the strong instrumental is the best part of the song. Loick Essien has a high voice, which sounds great with the chorus and horrible with the verses. One could easily forget that Tanya Lacey is even featured in the song, as she just offers two extremely short parts before the first two choruses. However, the best part of the song is the bridge; it's only two lines, however, so it doesn't truly give Loick a chance to shine.

All things aside, Loick is destined to become a star in the future. However, he has yet to grow into his talent on this song, and it shows. When he releases a second album, I'm all ears!

Rating: 3/5

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