Friday, July 8, 2011

Freaky Friday: Lady Gaga Announces an Announcment

Can you believe it? Lady Gaga uses her endless fanbase to announce that her next single will be announced soon. What will it be? Read on!

So, what's going to be Lady Gaga's next single? Who knows? The only insight was given by Gaga this week in a Twitter meeting with her "little monsters".

"I don't want to ruin the surprise! It's very unexpected. Working on the video now :)"

My best guess is that Gaga may put "Scheiße" out as her next single. "Scheiße" is an extremely popular song among fans of Gaga, but it's also just catchy and crazy enough to possibly make it in the mainstream music world.

My favorite song from Born This Way, however, is "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)". There's literally no chance of this being Lady Gaga's next single, but it's strong, emotional  and has a great beat. The lyrics are also fun to listen to, mainly because of its randomness. "Follow that unicorn on the road to love!"


  1. Don't you think Scheisse would a be a bit of a risk? Since it translates to Shit in English. It'll probably get someone stupid radio editing treatment. I think "Marry the Night" would be safer option.

  2. "Marry the Night" would be a solid single selection for Lady Gaga. However, it seems very predictable to be her next single. I would think she'd release "Marry the Night" before "You & I". It also has a relatively conventional sound - it works good to be a single, but it doesn't have the Gaga touch, in my opinion.