Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project: Mobius' Favorite Songs: Kickstarts - Example

Leading the rise of dance music in the UK is English rapper/DJ Example. Example just recently hit #1 in the UK with his hit single "Changed the Way You Kiss Me". However, before his first career #1, Example charted highly with this song, "Kickstarts". This is my favorite song by Example, and it should be enjoyed by any fan of pop or dance music!

There are two strong elements to this song: the songwriting and the club beat. They both follow a specific pattern, which makes the song fun and exciting. The song tones down at the beginning of Example's piece, when he talks about the rifts in the relationship between him and his girlfriend. However, they soon work it out, and the music joins in with a resounding, strong club beat. It would be great for nearly any song, but it works even better with the masterful lyrics.

The music video is simple, but the start is fun to see. Watch it above!


  1. I agree this is Example's best tune, although I do also really like the new one and "Watch the Sun Come Up." Do you think you'd buy an album of this though? I can't myself doing so.

  2. Honestly? No. I'd definitely dance to the whole album at a party/club, though (besides the fact I'm still under 21). It's meant to be listened to in a party atmosphere, not as an album on your car stereo.