Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Project: Mobius Fab 50 - Week of July 25, 2011

Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Into You" (featuring Lil' Wayne) sneakily entered the Fab 50 two weeks ago. However, this week it becomes the first song to, in its third week, peak at #33 and move up 3 places. Little to say, that's a unique feat! However, is 3rd time the charm for Beyoncé, who desperately attempts to get her first top 10 from "4" on the Fab 50? Read on to find out!

This week's Fab 50 wasn't particularly eventful, but next month's contenders are finally starting to come into their own on the charts, such as "I Wanna Go" and "Best Thing I Never Had", which both move up 3 positions high on the Fab 50. However, next month's possible brightest star lies in one of this week's big movers...

At the Top
  • Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" comfortably stays in 1st, while Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight Tonight" passes LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" for 2nd.
  • After "Skyscraper"'s drastic drop, Lil' Wayne is finally able to make his debut in the top 5 (4th).
Big Movers
  • Up 6: "You Make Me Feel..." - Cobra Starship & Sabi [#31 to #25]
  • Up 5: "Lighters" - Bad Meets Evil & Bruno Mars [#18 to #13]
Big Losers
  • Down 34: "Skyscraper" - Demi Lovato [#4 to #38]
  • Down 7: "Born This Way" - Lady Gaga [#43 to #50]
  • Down 6: "Just a Kiss" - Lady Antebellum [#40 to #46]
  • "Rain Over Me" - Pitbull & Marc Anthony (#31)
  • "Up All Night" - Blink-182 (#39)
  • "Don't Stop the Party" - The Black Eyed Peas (#43)
  • "Sunset in July" - 311 (#49)
Songs "Off the Charts"
  • "Written in the Stars" - Tinie Tempah & Eric Turner (formerly #45)
  • "Changed the Way You Kiss Me" - Example (formerly #48)
  • "Say Hello to Goodbye" - Shontelle (formerly #49)
  • "In the Dark" - Dev (formerly #50)
The Fab 50 is on the right side of the page. Please listen to and watch the Fab 50! Thank you for reading - if you disagree with how the week went, feel free to complain in the comments! A new poll is up.


  1. Just saying isn't "I Wanna Go" peak position 7 now? lol And why did "Skyscraper" fall so far? I think it's gonna make quite a splash on my chart! =]

  2. Well... you're right that I got it wrong. However, "I Wanna Go" 's peak should be at #6, I think.

    Also, I only put "Skyscraper" near the top because of the huge reception it was getting. I really don't like the song, and this week's massive drop shows that.

  3. Wow! You completely ripped "Skyscraper" a new asshole with that drop lol I don't I'm gonna bother charting it. Are you gonna do anything special for Amy next week?

  4. I see, that does make sense.