Friday, July 22, 2011

Song of the Day: Up All Night - Blink-182

The last album from Blink-182 came out in 2003. Can you believe that? I wouldn't, except for the fact that they played a concert in my small town 2 years ago (for some odd reason, it was where the college would play hockey, but they removed the ice). Anyways, they're back with "Up All Night", and to the delight of someone who played "I Miss You" nonstop, the song isn't as pitiful as I thought it would be!

The "new" Blink-182 definitely sounds different than the old Blink-182. Of course, these guys have families now and can't be writing the same songs they used to, but I don't feel the change is entirely welcome. I feel like this song is treading directly on the Foo Fighters' musical direction - very little separates the two, if we're going solely based on "Up All Night".

That being said, the song isn't horrible. It very well could have been, but "Up All Night" is lucky to have an incredibly strong chorus that pushes the rest of the song through. However, I don't feel the song as a whole is fit for top 40 radio in the long-term. It does take more than a chorus; you need good lyrics (which are hidden here with a confusing melody in the verses) and a catchy beat as well. Blink-182 fails to execute on either of those in "Up All Night".

Rating: 3.5/5

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