Friday, August 26, 2011

Song of the Day: True Love - Destinee & Paris

You know what? Let me start out first by giving out props to anyone who knew about Destinee and Paris (who were formerly in the Clique Girlz) before reading this article. The two sisters are great talents, at only 17 and 15; check out their YouTube profile if you don't believe me! However, does the production on the song live up to the talent that their voices can provide? Read on to find out!

Believe it or not, these girls are actually the opening act on Britney's tour right now - and for good reason. They have stunning voices that could easily blow any AI star named Pia, Lauren or Haley out of the water. They also manage to identify themselves throughout the song, and are the first all-girl group with the same effect on me than the Veronicas, with "Untouched".

However, unlike "Untouched", this song actually has some good backing to it. There are great guitars and synthesizers throughout. The only question I have to ask is this: Is it too much? There's so much production that any singer using a good amount of AutoTune could produce the same effect on the song as Destinee and Paris do.

In the end, though, the vocals on the song are very good, and the production on the song is very solid. I would give this song real hit potential, if it gets the right amount of promotion to go with it - and I hope it does.

Rating: 4/5

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