Thursday, August 11, 2011

Song of the Day: It Girl - Jason Derülo

After "Don't Wanna Go Home" recently became a relative failure for Jason Derülo, the clean version of Chris Brown has released a 2nd single from September's album Future History in "It Girl". Will the new release live up to the title for Jason and be this season's "it" song? Click the link for the full article!

To say the least, this song is definitely an improvement from "Don't Wanna Go Home". "It Girl" feels less gritty than its predecessor, and also features a stronger melody. However, it's also debatable that the competition for Jason is much more relevant currently than it was two and a half months ago. With hit songs like "Give Me Everything", "She Ain't You" and "Pretty Girls" bubbling near the top of the charts, it takes a strong single to be able to become a hit today.

Surprisingly, though, I think "It Girl" is right on par with the hit songs of its genre. The song in and of itself brings about an aura that seems to be missing from the music world currently, although the whistling sounds like it should be from "Good Life". As a matter of fact, multiple parts of this song take away from other pieces; much of the chorus directly reminds me of "Pretty Girls", and the beat in the bridge is very reminiscent of a Bruno Mars song that I have yet to currently identify.

All in all, this is a good song. However, if Jason had taken more than one step outside of a pop artist's comfort zone, it could have been much better. The rating is probably lower than it deserves to be, but I can't give credit if it's not due.

Rating: 3.5/5

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