Thursday, August 18, 2011

Song of the Day: This City - Patrick Stump (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)

I bet you've never heard of Patrick Stump before. However, I'm sure you know of him. The former singer of Fall Out Boy has "dance danced" all over the top of the charts as a lead singer, and is now trying to make his way as a solo singer in his first single, "This City". Lupe Fiasco provides his rap skills to the track, and for good measure. However, how does the song compare to today's releases? Read on for the review!

"This City" has a very Michael Jackson-esque feel to it, and it works well for the song (although it may not work well for today's radio). The chorus, however, is able to break out from the funk that much of the song is stuck in, and would make for a great song if it wasn't extremely repetitive.

I've always thought Lupe to be a great rapper, and he shows that skill here on a track that shouldn't suit his rapping abilities. He raps the lyrics with expertise, although this still doesn't solve the problem of the lyrics themselves. The concept of "this city" being "my city" is very cheesy for a hit song, and it's extremely tough to make a cheesy subject enjoyable to listen to.

In the end, this song isn't bound for hit radio. The actual concept of the song, along with the way it was put together, were able to leak out much of the potential this song could have otherwise had - which is quite sad, considering how much I've missed hearing new Fall Out Boy songs recently.

Rating: 3/5

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