Saturday, August 27, 2011

Song of the Day: Collide - Leona Lewis (Feat. Avicii)

The music video for "Collide" has already been released. And guess what - Avicii's actually getting credit for the instrumental now! However, making such a good beat doesn''t matter if you can't capitalize on it. Was Leona able to do it with her X-Factor-winning voice in "Collide"? The video and my review are in the full article!

This song combines two great things, Avicii and Leona Lewis. As you already know from one of my previous articles, I am a big fan of Avicii's track "Penguin", which is used as the base for "Collide". I also believe that Leona Lewis has an extremely strong voice, and is a great singer.

However, surprisingly, the two don't mold together very well. The jumpy, lighthearted beat doesn't fit Leona's strong, booming vocals, which seem to slow the song down and take away from its potential. "Penguin" would be better as the beat to a fast-paced song, and we all know that Leona's voice is best when accompanied by a slower track.

I really want to love this song, but I just don't. I've played it at least 5-7 times today, trying to find a real sense of enjoyment from it. I couldn't find it.

Rating: 3/5

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