Saturday, August 6, 2011

Song of the Day: Inside Out - Britney Spears

The second major release from a diva this week lies in Britney Spears' "Inside Out". Taking a short break from making faster, dance/pop songs, "Inside Out" slows down and provides emotion with every beat. However, does that evolve the song into a hit? Read on for my review!

First off, the lyric video above is one of the best fan-made lyric videos I've seen in the past few months. If you get a chance, check it out!

Luckily, the song itself is just as good as the video. The beat is able to break down at crucial, heart-wrenching moments throughout the song (or at least that is what it seems; it's actually just the regular beat that does that). However, this would be nothing if the lyrics of the song weren't spot-on, and they are. The chorus is below.

Won't you give me something to remember?
Baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out.
Even though we couldn't last forever, baby,
You know what I want right now.

Hit me one more time, it's so amazing...
How you shook my world and flipped it upside down.
You're the only one who ever drove me crazy!
'Cause you know me inside out.

This is a great song from Femme Fatale with a lot of flair. However, to be frank, I'm not entirely sure that it will translate into success for Britney. With that being said, though, I'll be rooting for this song on its long journey to the top of the charts!

Note: It won't be a #1 hit, although it should be. This song has better producing, better vocals and a better hook than "Hold It Against Me".

Rating: 4/5

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