Sunday, August 14, 2011

Song of the Day: Titanium - David Guetta (Featuring Sia) [Perfect Rating #1]

Finally! Finally, a song has come out that is perfect enough, genuine enough, simply produced and performed well enough to be my 1st 5-star song! For most of you, this will come as a surprise - especially because of how poor David Guetta's music has been so far this year - but this song has truly charmed me. Read on to hear the full song, and to find out why I love it so much!

First of all, let me silence the 2 protesters out there by saying that the beat of this song was NOT copied off of the Police's "Every Breath You Take". If you actually listen to the song, you'll notice that it is just one beat pattern that is close to, and doesn't replicate, the one in "Every Breath You Take". As a matter of fact, most of the song isn't accompanied by the beat, and the song should not take its credit purely from one beat in the song.

This song is perfection, in every definition of the term. The main thing that makes this song stick out in my head, however, is - wait, there's actually 2! Let me explain them below.

The first thing that really gets my attention is Sia's master vocals. Although they can be hard to understand at times, the vocals in this song are emotional, powerful, and sung beautifully. If you've never heard of Sia before, you'll be surprised to know that she actually helped Christina Aguilera out on the Voice - a fact that I didn't know about until earlier this week, although I had watched the show. Believe it or not, "Titanium" was actually supposed to be sung by Mary J. Blige, but Guetta wisely chose to put Sia on the track.

The second thing that sticks out in the song is David Guetta's producing, for multiple reasons. Up to this point in his mainstream career, all of David Guetta's main songs have been real club-bangers about getting with girls. "Titanium" is able to be a great club song without talking about romance, and also holds incredible feeling behind it. The producing in "Titanium" puts Guetta on a pedestal he's never been on before, as it is the first song he's ever produced where I get a true feeling of epiphany in both the slow and fast parts of the song.

Please, I beg of you, buy this song now! If you don't, you're making the biggest mistake in music you've made so far this year, as it manages to be the only song on the radio to boldly meld both slow and fast music!

Rating: 5/5

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  1. I agree it debuts at #3 for me and thats just on one day of knowing this song!!

    If you like Sia's voice her ALBUM WAS MY #1 ALBUM OF 2010...!!
    Check it out its amazeballs!!