Sunday, June 19, 2011

Song of the Day: Lighters - Bad Meets Evil (Feat. Bruno Mars)

That's right, Eminem and Royce da 5'9" have reunited again for Bad Meets Evil! With a song featuring Bruno Mars' velvety voice in "Lighters", this song is an unexpected win for both rap lovers and haters. Disagree? Feel free!

Eminem and Royce fell out in 2002, after one of the two started earning a significantly higher fan base (Guess who?). However, they have reunited for their EP "Hell: The Sequel", which released earlier this week. The Detroit-based group makes an odd alliance with Bruno Mars, an LA-based, Hawaiii-raised pop singer who has already become one of the male leaders of the genre. This review's a little late, due to the fact that I was against reviewing a mostly rap song, but this has surprised me from its pure difference from the original Eminem sound.

Why is it so different? First, Bruno himself takes an especially slow pace for the chorus: it could be related to Rihanna's in "Love the Way You Lie", but this chorus is softer and less bone-shaking. The Smeezingtons, Bruno Mars' kick-butt producing company, helped design the music for this song, which sounds great behind Eminem's typical rapping and Royce's mainstream rap sound.

The verdict? If you can stand rap music at all, you should get this song. It's bound to become popular, although it's not going to be this summer's anthem (See Last Friday Night).

Rating: 4/5

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