Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project: Mobius' Favorite Songs: Sanctuary - Gareth Emery (Feat. Lucy Saunders)

I personally believe that this is the greatest song Gareth Emery's ever worked on. Providing the perfect mix between a soothing, soft entry to the song and an extravagant, powerful, hip electronic instrumental, "Sanctuary" is sure to be loved by any fan of electronica.

"Sanctuary" is definitely a two-sided song. The first part of this song treads a swift line through the trance music genre. Although the piece is very slowed, and can be bone-shaking at times, it still clings onto a sense of hope. This sets it up perfectly for the second part of the song, which moves into a completely different genre. With a fun, bold instrumental, Gareth Emery is able to pull off the inevitable and make the song a true "sanctuary" for your ears. There are many genre-overlapping songs out today, but few compare to "Sanctuary" and the complete feeling it exudes.

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