Saturday, June 25, 2011

Freaky Friday: Britney Spears' Highly-Referencing "I Wanna Go" Video

Britney Spears has successfully pushed "I Wanna Go" into the limelight with a great video. Don't get me wrong - it's no "Last Friday Night" - but the video for "I Wanna Go" has carefully been crafted with insight to Britney's past, among other things. Wanna watch it? Read on!

Britney Spears references many things in the video. For a complete list, click here - but not until I talk about the most important ones!
  • Half Baked: In the opening scene, Britney leaves the press conference after saying "F**k you, f**k you, f**k you, you're cool, f**k you, I'm out". This exact line was said in the movie by a fast-food worker leaving his job. The actor? Guillermo Diaz, who helps to "save" Britney in this video.
  • Crossroads: Remember when Britney Spears had a short movie-making stint, starring in "Crossroads"? Although I didn't think the movie was too bad personally, it was hated by fans and critics, and a proposed sequel ("Crossroads 2: Cross Harder") was cancelled. This same movie is on the bulletin for the movie theater in the video.
  • The Mickey Mouse Club: Britney herself starred in this troop as a young child, singing and dancing to millions of ecstatic Disney-watchers. In an ironic twist, she pays homage by wearing a cut-off Mickey Mouse shirt in the video and album cover, which you can see above.


  1. I love this video! "Till The Word Ends" was somewhat better but this one is comical and meant to be that way! I think it is so cute!

  2. "Till the World Ends" was constructed better than "I Wanna Go". However, people are attracted to things that are crazy or different in music videos, and "I Wanna Go" has plenty of craziness. For that reason, this video will become more popular than "TTWE".