Monday, June 20, 2011

Freaky Friday: "Survivor: Redemption Island" Player Stars in "You Lie"

Note: This page was lost after the recent site crash. However, thank you to vwpatterson3 at for posting the information on another site, so I could get it back!

Did anyone watch "Survivor: Redemption Island" this year? The series came to a close earlier this week, but the self-promotion of one of the contestants did not. If you had watched the show, you'd be surprised to know that it was fan-favorite Matt Elrod who starred in The Band Perry's "You Lie".

Matt has not yet technically came out with the truth, but it is quite obvious that he stars in the video when you look at the pictures below. On the left is the man in the video. On the right is Matt at the reunion for "Survivor".

Still don't believe me? Feel free to watch the video below. You've been busted, Matt!

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  1. OMG, I was watching this video and wondering if it was really him. Thank you for this, I was right!