Friday, June 24, 2011

Project: Mobius' Favorite Songs: Raining - Kaskade & Adam K (Feat. SunSun)

Note: This was originally written on June 8th, 2011. Luckily, I've been able to recover it from the site crash.

Hey, guys! Right now, the power keeps flashing on and off where I live, so I may be a little late posting this. Why is it doing this, you ask? Well, a powerful thunderstorm is crashing through my neighborhood, mauling everything in sight. Not to worry, though - it's only given me motivation for this week's "Favorite Song", Kaskade and Adam K's "Raining." This song "melts in your ears", and is a great, enjoyable piece for anyone and everyone!

Like  most dance songs, the best part of "Raining" is its ubiquitous melody. However, not to go unnoticed is the mysterious opening of the song, which almost creeps up on you. It should also be noted that, although the title of the song is simply "Raining", the song is much darker.

At any rate, "Raining" is a great listen, and is suited perfectly for a long car ride. Listen to the song above; if you like dance music, you're definitely going to like this song!

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