Sunday, June 12, 2011

Song of the Day: Girl Talk - Ultraviolet Sound

Wow. That's the first of many things you'll be saying after you hear this song for the first time. In a freaky mashup of Cascada and Barbie Girl, Ultraviolet Sound pulls out an awkward, yet endearingly catchy and infectious song that you won't be able to stop listening to for days on end.

And now, I'm supposed to write a serious review of this song. Really? ;)

That may be the only time you'll see me put a wink emoticon in my review, so savour it now! This song's craziness and spazziness fits the wink perfectly. Firstly, the song is backed by a slick, yet simple electro beat that you'd be stomping to in the club. With funky switches that would fit in a screwed-up horror movie, this song starts to enter into a class all its own. Finally, the lyrics complete the total randomness that is "Girl Talk".

"Yesterday my girl called to say
That she met a boy named Rick.
He said her eyes look beautiful
With the color of her lipstick.
Usually she turned away
But he was kind of slick...
So she gave him her number
And wondered maybe he's got a big ****!"

Even as a guy, I am enthralled by the rambunctiousness of this song. What other words could describe a song so epically awesome? Shout out some answers in the comments below!

Rating: 4.5/5

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