Monday, September 5, 2011

Songs of the Month: August 2011

Oh, "Titanium". How I loved you. How I wanted to put you in my top 3 of "Songs of the Month", but was unable to due to the fact that you were getting 0 plays on mainstream radio. Oh, "Titanium" - You'll have to wait until a later month to get into my "Songs of the Month" category, but here are my top 3 songs for August!

3. Domino - Jessie J

Attempting to follow the success of "Price Tag" in America, Jessie J recently released her new U.S. single, "Domino". Although it may not have caught on quite yet, this song contains most of the components that make a hit pop song today. Dr. Luke is the key behind this, as he helped produce 4 of Katy Perry's 5 #1 hits on Billboard from Teenage Dream. However, unlike Katy Perry, Jessie J has an electric personality, and should stay in the business a long time once she hits ground in America.

2. Stay Awake - Example

This blog may be based on American music, but you have to give credit where credit is due. For the future of hit music to become more diverse, it is integral that Example's songs are successful, as he provides the strongest bridge between dance and hip-hop music in the industry today. Although "Changed the Way You Kiss Me" set the bar extremely high for Example, the DJ is able to surpass it with "Stay Awake". Also, for anyone interested, the captivating story behind "Stay Awake" is here.

1. Yoü and I - Lady Gaga

A little-known fact is that "Yoü and I" was the most popular new song on Born This Way when it was originally released. Perhaps showing some of its addictiveness early on, this song is becoming very popular, and is looking to surpass the success of "The Edge of Glory" and become a #1 hit, if it keeps its streak up. Few people are able to transcend music genres as well as Lady Gaga, as she is able to do that wonderfully with this song. Whether you're a fan of pop, country or just good music, you're going to fall in love with this song. I've run into bumps with Gaga before, but not here - this song is great.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE 'TITANIUM' it's my favorite song off the album!