Sunday, October 30, 2011

Song of the Day: Promises - Nero

UK electronic group Nero have released "Promises" for free in the United States this week, hoping to get their voice recognized here as much as it is in Europe. However, is "Promises" a strong enough debut single for them to be able to do that - and is their sound too far off-base for American radio? Read on to find out what I think on the issue!

For most Americans, "dubstep" means "Skrillex". However, Nero are looking to change that with a song that is very chorus-heavy and accompanied by female vocals. Does this work? Sadly enough, I think not.

Firstly, the chorus in this song is extremely popular. While it is well-received by those who like dubstep, however, it will do very little to change the minds of those who don't regularly listen to dubstep. Why is this? The beat is filled with a lot of "pollution" - in other words, sounds that add to the beat, but don't make a real impact on how the song sounds.

On the other hand, I actually find the vocals for the song (by Alana Watson, who provides the vocals to many Nero songs) to be too light. If it weren't for the banging beat throughout the song, I would have mistaken Alana for the next La Roux.

Sometimes, 2 and 2 go together. Here, however, they don't. Not only do the vocals and beat not go well together, but the song itself isn't suited for American radio - a fact that those who like dubstep will be forced to swallow.

Rating: 3/5

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  1. "Pollution" is a good word for it. I thought this song was just "okay," and was surprised it was a UK #1. I was surprised its poppier follow-up, "Crush on You," wasn't a bigger hit.