Saturday, November 12, 2011

Song of the Day: Marry the Night - Lady Gaga

Not satisfied with "You and I"'s pitiful attempt to top Billboard or any other major chart? I'm not either, which is why I welcome the upcoming release of "Marry the Night" with open arms. However, is it enough for Lady Gaga to get a second #1 from Born This Way? Read on for what I think!

"Marry the Night" has had generally positive reviews from critics, and for good reason. The up-tempo, dance-esque number is anthemic and extremely inspiring, not to mention catchy.
Written by Fernando Garibay ("Dance in the Dark"), Lady Gaga returns to some of her Fame roots in "Marry the Night". Although there are church bells included in the song, "Marry the Night" is mainly a strong, concert-opening number that's completely different from any of Lady Gaga's single releases so far in her career.
However, the song would be nothing without Lady Gaga's own singing power. There are few pop artists today who have the sheer strength to carry out the chorus to "Marry the Night", and I can think of none better at it right now than Lady Gaga. This is the second straight single to showcase Gaga's vocal talent, although it does in a completely different way than "You and I".
"Marry the Night" is, in my opinion, the best song from Born This Way, and one of the best single releases this year. With a relatively thin rising chart at the moment, "Marry the Night" is primed to make a strong run to #1. Also, an over-the-top song from Lady Gaga generally is accompanied by an over-the-top video, and I can't wait for the video to come out!

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. I really like this too. I'm glad it was chosen to be a single, although as the fifth release, it's hard to imagine it will be #1. It's growing really fast at radio though, so who knows. Happy Thanksgiving!